Always Get Your Package: Basic Guide to Address Lines and Account Numbers

use USaddress for international shipping and Always Get Your Package: Basic Guide to Address Lines and Account Numbers

Every package ordered using USaddress is delivered to our logistics center. Naturally, we get thousands of packages every day. In order to deliver it straight to our customers’ doorstep, we carefully check the package label.

When you first sign in, you are required to register with a real name and address, valid telephone number and other essential details. Each customer registering on the website is given a personal U.S. home address for their own use.

This is how it looks like:

Use USaddress for cross-border shipping from the USA

*Address line 2 refers to your account number at USadress. Ste US123456

Once a package arrives, our staff checks the name and account number on the package label. There are some cases where this process can get problematic:

  1. There is no account number on the package label – only the customer’s name.
  2. There is an account number and a name, but they don’t match our records.

Packages that cannot be attached to a certain account are classified as Unknown. We then wait for the customer to contact us to check about their package. Our customer service staff will then ask for proof of ownership using one or more of the following: Purchase invoice, order confirmation, delivery confirmation with a tracking number, product serial number or detailed account of the package content. Once ownership of the package can be established, we’ll update the account.

Update to account fee 

Processing items from status Unknown to the customer’s account incur a Swap Fee. Once a valid proof of ownership is given, we will issue a payment request for the Swap Fee. Once the this is paid, we’ll update the package to the customer’s account and proceed.

We can’t stress this enough: The shipper must use your name as it appears on your account, even if you let your relatives or friends use the same account. Otherwise, the package will not be updated to the account and additional fees may be incurred.

With USaddress you can shop your favorite US brands with no stress over international shipping

Finally, we’d like to remind you: thanks to USaddress’ cross border delivery service, shopping online from US stores is simple – even if your favorite store doesn’t ship to your country. Just use your personal USaddress and your orders will be delivered to our US logistics center. We will then ship it directly to your doorstep, no matter where you live. You can also consolidate several orders from several stores to save shipping costs by up to 70%.

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