Important notice: Change of Logistics Center address

New USaddress for international shipping from the USA

With the continuously growing demand for our cross-border shipping services, we’ve moved into a new, bigger, and better Logistics Center facility to meet the needs of our international customers.

The new logistics facility is located right next to the old one so the only thing you need to change in your USaddress is Address line 1, from 471 Mundet Place to 473 Mundet Place. All the other details remain the same. Your account number (Address line 2) does not change!

Your new USaddress will be:

new USaddress for international shipping services

To see your new USaddress click here>>

You can also see it on the My USaddress tab on the right-hand corner of our website, on your Dashboard, and on your profile.


  • Operations at the new logistics center will commence this week, while the old warehouse will be in our use until October 10th, 2017
  • Operations will resume as usual. Your orders will be delivered to you on time, and the change should not cause any delays. However, we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding.

Packages that were received in the old warehouse

  • Packages that were already received at the warehouse are being moved to the new place and will be delivered to you from the new warehouse, in the usual procedure.
  • You can update your orders, make requests for all the logistics services (consolidation, content inspection, etc), and pay for your shipments as usual.

Packages that were sent to the old warehouse

  • Orders that were already sent to the old USaddress but have not yet received will be redirected to the new warehouse and will be delivered to you from the new warehouse, in the usual procedure.

Using of your new USaddress

  • Your new USaddress replaces the old one.
  • Please make sure to start using your new USaddress immediately for all your future orders. Write your new USaddress as the shipping address at the retailer check out so your orders will be sent to the new Logistics Center. 
  • We recommend that you update your USaddress in your address book on your favorite stores.
  • Don’t forget to always write your account number (address line 2) so we’ll know to which account to update the package.

Expanding the logistics center is an important milestone for our company. This demonstrates our commitment to meet the growing logistics needs of our international customers.

For any more questions regarding this change, you can contact Customer Service here >>