USA to South Africa Shipping

USA Shipping to South Africa

Shopping in the US from 15,000 km's. away? No problem, especially when you have to make shipping from US to South Africa more convenient than ever before. Count on our always-reliable delivery professionals to get your order on your doorstep at the soonest possible time.

We are a trusted online delivery service that can take your purchases from the biggest online retailers in the USA and ship them to South Africa. There are few other services that can match the scope of the service that we offer, and even less that can accomplish the task with the speed, efficiency, and convenience that we routinely perform on a daily basis.

Enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies and amenities without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. Just pick any item that piques your interest, follow the instructions, and wait for it to arrive – it’s that easy. No paperwork, no bank statements, just click on the things you want and leave the rest of the leg work to us.

All our customers have to do is shop for their favorite items and products, sit back, relax, and wait for their items to arrive without having to lift a finger. The only time our customers have to move in this entire process is when they get up to answer the door when the product arrives.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding the services that we offer, or the websites that we work with. Feel free to browse through any US web store as much as you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Work with and enjoy your purchases sooner.

The USaddress Advantage

One of our most important policies is to make the shipment of purchases from America as simple and worry free for the customer as possible. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than to have their purchase turned back in transit for one reason or another.

We make it a point to inform customers if their purchases are broken or prohibited by national laws for shipment. This is to prevent you from paying for costs and taxes unnecessarily.

Travel Time: The USaddress Advantage

Speed and convenience are the measures of success when delivering an important item across borders. But convenience also entails that the customer receives a quality product after waiting for their purchases to arrive.

We strike a balance between efficiency and care when handling your purchase. This means that we’ll do our best to deliver your item, without compromising the safety of the package.

International Deliveries: The USaddress Advantage

It’s our business to know all the rules of the territories that USaddress delivers items to, in order to make the transition of products from one place to another as smoothly as possible. This knowledge will allow our teams to pass through checkpoints and immigrations without delay.

Our teams are up to date on the latest development in South African importation laws, so that customers never experience the inconvenience of delays or forced returns.

Items prohibited from Import to South Africa

Shop smarter by avoiding problem merchandise. All countries prohibit or restrict types of products that can be imported. The links below are in addition to the list of items that cannot be exported from the US, which also applies.

Check out how much it will cost to ship a package to South Africa. Use our calculator here >

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