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  • +How much does it cost to register for your services?

    Registering for a USaddress service and the "Shop For You" service on is free of charge. Payment is charged only should you be interested in any of our various services for the packages you had ordered and that have arrived at our logistics center, as well as for shipping to your destination.

  • +Do I need to log in to to purchase goods from the U.S.?

    No, you can shop directly at any American online retailer.
    To import products into your country using, simply shop with any American website and provide your personal USaddress, which you received for free when registering with us.
    You are of course welcome to use our "Shop For You" service to make easy, quick purchases of U.S.- sold goods from our partner websites, directly from To use the "Shop For You" service, click here.

  • +What are the USaddress logistics center opening hours?

    Our logistics center is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (EST). Any package scheduled for delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will not be identified on your account. For such packages, American shipping companies usually arrange another shipping on the next working day. Once the package has been delivered, its status on the shipping company's website will be changed to 'delivered'. Within a few hours, it will appear on the My shipments page of our website.

  • +What methods of payment do you accept?

    When purchasing using our services, payment is possible using the following international credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, and American Express, through PayPal. We cannot accept payment through Diners Club nor through debit cards not linked to valid bank accounts. All transactions are executed in US Dollars only.

  • +How do I convert American measurements to Metric measurements?

    For measurement conversion, you should multiply every inch in your American measurements by 2.54. For example, 10 inches would be approximately 25.4 centimeters.
    To convert U.S. pounds (lbs.) to kilograms, you should multiply the weight of your item in pounds by 0.45. For example, 10 pounds would be approximately 4.5 kilograms.

  • +How do I join/leave your mailing list?

    When first registering on the website, or during your first purchase, you will be asked whether you would like to join the website mailing list, in order to receive commercial information and offers. The email address you will provide will not be shared with any third party without your prior confirmation.
    Should you want to leave the mailing list you can easily do so by following the removal link appearing in any commercial email sent to you or from the My profile section of your account.

USaddress Service
  • +What is the use of a personal U.S. shopping address?

    Not all U.S.based websites deliver outside of the U.S. Your unique American address allows you to make an endless number of purchases on these websites. We remind you that when shopping using your USaddress, you should not declare that you live anywhere else apart from the U.S., nor request quotes in your local currency. This way you can benefit from the same competitive prices and discounts enjoyed by American shoppers. When completing your transaction, simply enter your USaddress as the shipping address. Your package will arrive at the USaddress logistics center. We will invoice you and arrange the safe delivery of your package to your destination.

  • +What does my USaddress look like?

    Every customer registering with us receives a cost-free American shipping address. This is an actual postal address, not a P.O. Box, and it allows you to have packages sent by nearly every U.S. online retailer.

    The address appears as follows:
    First and last name
    Address Line 1 – 473 Mundet Place
    Address Line 2 – ste XXXXXX (customer unique number)
    City – Hillside
    State - New Jersey
    Zip Code – 07205
    Phone Number - +973.500.4188

  • +How do I shop at online stores using my USaddress?

    To purchase through U.S. websites you should have either an international credit card or a PayPal account linked to such a credit card. Some online retailers require that you register with them to purchase, while others do not.
    Once you have selected items and added them to your shopping cart, you can proceed to payment. It is vital that you enter your USaddress just as it appears in your personal USaddress account - including your customer number and STE number (which we use to locate your package at our logistics center and associate it with your account).
    The billing address should match the details connected to your means of payment.
    Should you be unable to select your country of residence as shipping destination, simply enter your USaddress.
    It is vital to remember that not all retailers accept means of payment not issued in the U.S. for U.S. deliveries. This could result in your order being cancelled by the retailer.
    It is important that you only shop with trustworthy websites and check the terms of use of the website prior to purchasing.
    When ordering clothing and footwear you are advised to consult a measurement converter, as U.S. sizes most probably differ from the ones used in your location.
    For electric appliances, please remember that U.S. current is 110 volt - you should check your local power supply prior to purchasing.
    Good luck!

  • +Can you consolidate my packages?

    Are you looking to purchase several items and ship them to your destination as a single package? We have just the solution for you.
    Packages can be consolidated once they arrive at our logistics center, saving you shipping fees on separate packages, as well as time spent waiting for couriers.
    All you need to do is wait until your goods arrive at the logistics center. Once all packages are listed on your account and prior to payment for each package, simply add each package content and value. Then, click on "consolidate" button on the top of your dashboard or inside any appliacble package. You will then be asked to specify which packages you wish to consolidate. Next, you will see the total cost of package consolidation for the consolidated package.
    Package consolidation costs $6 for the first two packages. $3 are charged for any additional package.
    Packages can be consolidated up to 30 days following receipt of the first package at our logistics center and it being listed on your account.
    For more information about our consolidation process, click here

  • +A U.S. based friend or relative would like to send me a package – is that possible?

    Of course it is! Your USaddress is a valid, genuine postal address. We will ship the package to your doorstep.
    However, please remember that any package not shipped by a recognized supplier/retailer/online store must still be issued a purchase order, for tax calculation purposes.

  • +Can you assist me return items to a U.S. retailer?

    Sometimes, due to various reasons, merchandise should be returned to a U.S. retailer. We can assist you doing this should your package be at our U.S. logistics center and has not yet been dispatched to your location.
    You should contact the retailer and ask a confirmation for returning the item and a pre-paid postal label.
    Should the retailer not provide this label, we will issue it for you.
    The minimum cost of this service is $10.
    Items purchased using the "Shop for You" service cannot be returned to the retailer.
    For more information, please contact our customer service department through our Contact us form.

  • +Are packages delivered to my doorstep?

    They sure are! USaddress engages the services of reliable shippers that will deliver your goods right to your doorstep.

  • +Where do you deliver?

    We ship packages to all countries to which the shipping company you had selected ships.
    To see a list of states to which we ship, please log in to our Calculators page and look for a shipping company that delivers to your requested destination.

  • +Do you ship inside the U.S.?

    At present we only ship outside of the U.S. Shipping inside the U.S. is not possible.

  • +What is currently happening with my package?

    Do you want to know exactly where your package is? To keep you constantly up-to-date about the status of your shipment, we email you each time your package passes yet another stage of the processing procedure, right up to delivery.
    You can also go to the My dashboard page to see all package details: weight, measurements, contents, shipping company tracking number, and most important – its whereabouts.

  • +What type of shipment should I select?

    You can select from a wide range of shipping companies and shipment types, in accordance with your country of destination.
    We let you determine the shipment type most suitable to you. Each type has a different delivery time and offers a different service, varying between shipping companies.
    Selecting a shipping company or shipment type is possible when paying for your goods.

  • +What is the cost of shipping?

    Cost of shipping to your country is based on either package physical weight or volume, the higher of the two. If you know your package measurements, you are welcome to calculate an estimated cost for shipping and tax using our Shipping calculator.
    If you wish to purchase from Amazon, please use our designated Amazon calculator.

  • +When will I receive my shipment?

    We work with the largest shipping companies to provide the ultimate shipping service. Shipping time depends on the shipping company and on the type of shipment you selected when paying for your item/package.
    Progress updates will be regularly sent to your email address.
    You can also review package details under the My dashboard page to track this progress.

  • +How much tax and customs duties will I pay?

    Despite our shipping rates including all taxes and charges issued by the shipping company, payment of tax on package contents is dependent on the type of item purchased, as well as on your local importing regulations. These issues are within your responsibility and should be coordinated with the shipping company you ship with.
    We provide a tax estimate should we possess sufficient relevant data.
    This is not to suggest that this estimate is final and should not be regarded as a quote.
    You are encouraged to inquire with your local tax authorities about the legality of importing various goods and the rate of tax applying.
    For a shipping and tax estimate calculator, click here.

  • +Do I need to arrange customs clearance for my package?

    This depends on the country of destination and on the shipping company, you had selected.
    Generally, shipping companies perform all customs clearance procedures for their customers, dispatching packages to your doorstep with a courier.
    This should be checked with the chosen shipping company prior to purchasing.

  • +How do I calculate package weight for shipping purposes?

    Your shipment will be charged per physical weight of your package or per volume, the higher of the two.
    If you know the measurements and weight of your package, you can use our Calculators to receive a shipping cost estimate.
    Do you want to make your own calculation? Volume is the sum of multiplying package dimensions by package width, length and height (inches), and then divided by 139.

  • +Why must I provide details about the contents of my package (USaddress service only)?

    As part of the requirements set forth by various shipping companies, customers must inform us of the contents of their shipments, to allow the shipping company to easily and quickly clear the packages from customs in the countries of destination.
    Among the package details a

    shipping company usually requires are:
    - A brief description of the item(s) bought (e.g. shoes, mobile device, gold ring)
    - Number of items Price of items within the package (excluding local shipping costs or U.S. internal taxes)
    - The total price listed in the invoice

    Data should be entered in the allotted area within package details in the My dashboard section.

  • +What items can you not ship?

    While we are happy to ship nearly any item for you, we are sometimes bound to follow shipping companies' various limitations.
    To find out what items cannot be shipped to your country, please consult the website of the shipping company you wish to ship with.

    The following items cannot be shipped using our services:
    - Guns, firearms, firearm replicas, firearm parts and ammunition
    - Explosive and incendiary materials
    - Batteries (more than 2 batteries in one parcel)
    - Loose batteries – prohibited to ship
    - Flammable Items
    - Aerosols
    - Perfumes and colognes (containing alcohol)
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - Fresh fruits and vegetables
    - Medications
    - Poison
    - Any organic material

    The following are examples only of what some countries may prohibit (local laws and regulations must be respected):
    - E Cigarettes & vapor refills
    - Antiques
    - Architectural models
    - Bulk goods (grain etc)
    - Cosmetics
    - Currency (notes, coins, credit cards and travellers cheques)
    - Drugs
    - Food
    - Gold and silver in any form
    - Dangerous goods (including hazardous, combustible or explosive materials)
    - High value, easy to trade computer appliances (such as RAM chips or SIMM’s and central processor units)
    - Plants or animals (live or dead)
    - Livestock
    - Material that could be submitted as pornographic or offensive
    - Sex gadgets
    - Negotiable bonds or other like ‘valuable papers’
    - Objects of art (paintings/sculptures etc) and fine arts
    - Political material
    - Precious metals, stones or jewellery
    - Other negotiable values

  • +How do I change my shipping address?

    To change the shipping address, please enter the new address directly from My profile page, prior to payment for you shipment (for USaddress service) or product(s) (for "Shop For You" service).
    Once payment is done, you cannot change the shipping address for this package.

  • +Can you ship items that contain batteries?

    Due to batteries being regulated as HAZMAT (Hazardous Material), we are not allowed to ship more than 2 batteries in one parcel. Therefore, please make sure the online store you purchase from ships items that contain batteries in packs of 2 at the most. For example, no more than 2 cellular phones, 2 laptops etc. Any consolidation request that contains more than 2 batteries will be canceled, as well. Please note that due to these regulations USaddress no longer will be able to ship Lithium Batteries that are packed and shipped as individual items (loose/bulk) such as - Laptop batteries, Power banks, A cell phone with a replaceable Lithium Battery.

Other Services
  • +Can packages be stored (USaddress service only)?

    We provide cost-free storage of packages for 30 days following receipt of the package at our logistics center.
    Starting on the 31st day following receipt, any package not paid for will be charged storage fees.

    The storage fee is calculated as follows: The number of paid storage days * $1.5.

  • +Should I insure my package?

    You can insure products purchased through our "Shop for You" service, as well as items ordered independently from retailers and sent to your American address for country of destination shipping.
    Package insurance covers physical damage that may occur during the shipping of the package to your country of destination.
    To insure your package, select the requested type of shipping and the Insure option when placing items in your shopping cart (when using the "Shop for You" service) or when placing your payment (for items dispatched using the USaddress service).
    Insurance cost is 1.5% of the total cost of the product and selected shipment price + $1 for issuing insurance policy.
    More information on package insurance is available Here.

  • +How do I claim insurance?

    In the event that a damaged package was delivered to you, please contact our customer service up to one working day following delivery, using theContact us form.
    You are requested to photograph the damaged package and the item from several different angles and attach the images to your query.
    Policyholder's participation of $50 applies.
    It is vital that you contact our customer service immediately after receiving a damaged item.
    We cannot attend to damaged packages after more than one working day has passed since delivery.
    More information on package insurance is available Here.

  • +Can I insure any item that I ship?

    Articles containing glass, ceramics or other fragile components, architectural models, antiques or articles of unusual value, jewelry including costume jewelry, laptops and/or portable electronic devices such as TV's screens, high-value computer equipment, items requiring temperature control, hard drives, central processing units, items containing liquids, etc. are subjected to high risk of damage.
    For this reason, such items will be accepted for carriage, but only at shipper's risk. USaddress shall have no liability whatsoever for delay, loss or damage to any of the following items, even if the customer has completed the relevant insurance box during the payment process.

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