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A-Z Shopping and Shipping Solution

USaddress.com is offering a wide range of services, allowing customers to enjoy the best online shopping experience:

Each customer registering on the USaddress.com website is given a personal U.S. home address for their own use. 
This actual address (rather than a PO Box) can be used on all American shopping websites, making millions of products available to our customers. 
Customers use this address whenever making a purchase; their packages are then delivered directly to the USaddress.com logistics center. 
Customers are notified of the arrival of their packages, select their destination and preferred method of shipment and pay online. 
The delivery is then dispatched to their doorstep.
To use USaddress service, click here.
This service allows customers to shop at leading online retailers such as Amazon.com, through the USaddress.com website. 
Customers search for the products they would like to purchase on Amazon.com website, copy the URL of the page featuring this item to the search field on USaddress.com website, search for the item and receive quotes for both U.S. and international shipping. 
It is also possible to perform this search from the "Shop For You" service page on USaddress.com website.
This service also allows customers to receive a customs costs estimate of their shipment. 
Our list of online retail partners is regularly expanded.
To use "Shop For You" service, click here
Using this service customers can see the labels attached to their packages upon receipt at our warehouse, giving them yet another option for identifying their packages. 
Service is free to all customers.
Courier label images are available on the My Dashboard page, for each package listed. Images will be displayed after clicking the "See Package Label" icon.

* Note that USaddress.com is under no obligation to provide this service for each and every package. 

Courier labels may not be presented for packages of unusual weigh or measurement, or for any other reason, to the discretion of the company. 
We provide cost-free storage of packages for 30 days following receipt of the package at our logistics center. 
Starting on the 31st day following receipt, any package not paid for will be charged storage fees.

The storage fee is calculated as follows:

The number of paid storage days * $1.5.

USaddress.com allows you to insure your packages for the duration of the shipping process, right up to their delivery at your doorstep. 
Insurance can be issued in two cases: for items purchased independently and dispatched to your USaddress, as well as for items purchased through our "Shop for You" service, starting from their receipt at our warehouse and ending with their delivery at the destination address. 
We insure the total value of the transaction, consisting of the value of the merchandize packed and of the cost of shipping to your destination.
Insurance covers physical damage caused to your package during shipping.

Prior to issuing an insurance claim, you are required to provide us with a statement describing the damaged item, including images of the damage.

A refund will be issued in line with the insurance company and/or shipping company policies.

How is insurance calculated?

  • Transactions valued from $1 to $2,500 are insured at a cost of 1.5% of the product total value (counting from the first dollar paid) and selected shipment price + $1 for issuing insurance policy.
  • A special fee applies to transactions valued over $2,500. This must be concluded with us through the Contact Us form.
  • Package insurance is left to our customers' discretion. Insurance should be selected when paying for shipping.

How long is insurance valid for?

  • Insurance coverage is valid from the conclusion of the payment of insurance fees and up to the signing of the shipping certificate by the customer, following delivery.
How is an insurance policy activated?
Activation of your insurance policy is simple and easy:
  1. Contact our customer service through the Contact Us form, up to one working day following receipt of the package. 
  2. Upon delivery, search the item and packaging for damages.
  3. Then, take photos of the package and of the damaged item.
  4. Prepare the necessary documents: the shipping company's shipping certificate, purchase invoice and photos, attached them to your written claim, and send everything to our customer service. For activation of insurance, a Policyholder's participation of $50 applies.
No claim can be submitted in the event that the insurance fees had not been paid.
Are there non-insurable items?

The insurance policy does not cover the following items:

  • Antiques
  • Second-hand and renovated items
  • Frozen goods
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Porcelain, ceramics and glassware 
  • Works of art
  • Items containing liquids of any kind


Package consolidation allows you to shop with several retailers or make several purchases with a single retailer at different times, and then put all of your items (once they are received at our logistics center) into a single package. This service also applies to a single order split by the retailer.

What do you get? One package optimally packed and shipped at a competitive rate, rather than several packages shipped separately and paying multiple shipping fees.

Package consolidation costs $6 for the first two packages. $3 are charged for any additional package.

To consolidate packages, you should go to the My Dashboard page under your account and select "Consolidate" at the top of the page or in the area where package details appear, and then select the packages you wish to consolidate from among the available packages.

At this stage, the total cost of consolidation will appear. You should only confirm consolidation after having reviewed all data displayed.

Once package consolidation is complete, our U.S. logistics center is issued with a consolidation task. All packages for consolidation are opened, examined, and re-packed (in their original packages) into a single new package, to be delivered at your doorstep.

Terms of service:

  • Only USaddress service packages can be consolidated. Items purchased through our "Shop for You" service cannot be consolidated.
  • Package consolidation is only available for packages open for payment (Each package will be available for consolidation only after you add  its content and value).
  • Package consolidation can be requested up to 30 days counting from the receipt of the first package at our logistics center, without charging you storage fees.
  • Package consolidation removes any storage fees. If package consolidation was not performed within 30 days of receipt of the first package, your account will be charged for storage fees, starting on the 31st day.
  • Once a package consolidation request is issued, the consolidated package cannot be consolidated with other packages.
  • Attention! When consolidating packages you must take into account country of destination taxes. Consolidating packages that are individually exempt from tax could raise the total sum of the invoice to a taxable level. In this case, customers will be charged these taxes. You are responsible for checking this issue prior to issuing a package consolidation request. Should taxes apply, customers must handle them together with the shipping company. USaddress.com will not be a party to any such understanding.
  • Splitting a consolidated package will be charged $7 per package, on top of consolidation costs. To request consolidation splitting, contact us.

Once package consolidating is performed, a payment request will be sent to your email address.
Payment for the consolidated package must be completed up to the conclusion of the 30-day cost-free storage period (counting from the day in which the first package is received at the warehouse). 


Our Package optimization service allows customers to decrease the volume of their packages, thereby lowering their shipping costs.

  • Optimization is only available for items sent by the retailer with a separate shipping package, in addition to their original packages.
  • Optimization is only available for items awaiting payment.
  • During the optimization of the package, all original packing materials are maintained (to provide the best protection to your merchandise).
  • When optimizing a package, we place your items in its original package in the shipping package most compatible with its measurements.
  • Should an optimization not be possible, no charges will apply.
  • Optimization does not lower the physical weight of your package, but rather its volume.

Once Optimization is done, a payment request will be sent to your email address. You should arrange payment for your package within the 30-day free storage period (counting from the day in which the original package is received at the warehouse).
Optimization fee is $5 per package.

To issue an optimization request please go to the My Dashboard section under My Account and select the optimization option for the relevant package.


Content inspection gives customers a more precise picture of their shipment:  they can identify packages sent by retailers, as well as receive data on item models and sizes.

  • When inspecting package contents we open the package, inspect its contents and register each item contained. 
  • Contents will be listed for the relevant package on the My Dashboard page.
  • Content inspection is only available for items awaiting payment.
  • After inspection, we will repack the package using the original packaging materials. 
  • Once an inspection concludes, a payment request will be sent to your email address. You should arrange payment for your package within the 30-day free storage period (counting from the day in which the original package is received at the warehouse).

Content inspection fee is $5 per package.
To issue an inspection request please go to the My Dashboard section under My Account and select the Content option for the relevant package. 

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