Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy provides an enjoyable shopping experience for its customers and respects their right to privacy. We aim to give you a satisfactory shopping experience and to protect your personal, private information.

The following Privacy Policy Document presents our dedication to maintaining your privacy. As explained below, Inc. is entitled, at its sole discretion, to periodically amend this Privacy Policy. Any such change will appear here to allow you to remain informed of how we collect and use your personal information. By browsing and using this website and by entering data into the system, you hereby agree that may make use of the information described herein.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our Terms & Conditions.

To arrange your various orders and to provide the best shopping experience, we use the personal information you provide. We monitor the website to identify patterns and trends that help us optimize the website.

Non-Assignment to Third Parties

We will not lease or sell your information to any third party. We will neither sell nor share your details in any way inconsistent with this Privacy Policy. Your use of the website is subject to this Privacy Policy and to the Terms & Conditions of which this Privacy Policy forms an integral part.


This Privacy Policy comes into force on 1 November 2014. Please acquaint yourself with changes or amendments to this Policy from time to time.

Contact Details is owned by Inc. (hereinafter, incorporated under the rules of the State of Delaware, U.S.A., located at 473 Mundet Place, Hillside, NJ 07205.

Our telephone number is +1-973-500-4188 (free of charge within the U.S.). Our fax number is +1-208-275-7535. You can email any comment, question, customer service issues, or helpdesk issues to [email protected].


To use our website, users are requested to fill out a registration form. During registration, users are asked to provide certain data, such as their full name, shipping address, billing address, phone numbers, and email addresses. We use this data to contact users to dispatch and deliver their orders. We do not collect identifying details on users unless they have been willingly provided.

Doorstep Delivery engages the services of shipping companies to deliver packages right to your doorstep.

Orders requests information from all users. This information is vital to complete orders of Products and Services (for the definition of Products and Services, see Terms & Conditions) and to update users on the status of their orders. Users must provide contact details comprising full name, address, phone number, and email address. Should a problem or difficulty in completing orders or in dispatching them to arise, we use this information to contact users.


Cookies are information components saved to a user's hard disk that contain that user's data. This data can help in improving the user's experience on the website. For instance, a special cookie will allow the user to provide his password only on his first visit to our website. We may use temporary cookies to upgrade users' the shopping experience, which are dissolved once users close the browser they are using. Cookies do not extract data from users' hard disks, email box or any other information depository. Should users refuse the use of cookies they would still be eligible to use the website, but some features might be restricted.

IP Address

We are entitled to use your IP address to analyze trends and traffic patterns to run the website. Some of our service providers and partners may use cookies on our website. We have no access to these cookies and cannot be held liable for the use thereof.

Service Providers

We are entitled to maintain and engage the assistance of other known business entities to perform transactions for us, in line with this Privacy Policy. Such business entities include shipping and transport companies, various service providers, and customs authorities. These third-party companies may receive personal information required to perform their transactions and services, subject to their not using this information for any other purpose.


The Website may contain links to other websites. Please note that cannot be held liable to the privacy policy of these other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of every website you visit. The present Privacy Policy is valid only for the information provided on this website.


We implement several well-known security measures to protect your personal information. When users provide sensitive data on our website, it is immediately protected. The sensitive data you will be requested to provide during registration will be encrypted using the 128-bit SSL secure socket layer, provided by leading brand name Thawte.

Distribution of commercial emails will periodically circulate commercial emails among all customers, confirming upon registration their agreement to receive such emails. Users are entitled to request that USaddress stop sending them such commercial emails. This can be done by unsubscribing through a link included in the commercial email sent, or via the customer's account on the website.


Please note that this Privacy Policy is governed by the fundamental laws of the State of New Jersey, U.S., and by the relevant U.S. Federal laws.

Arbitration of disputes:

       You hereby agree that any dispute arising from or relating to the Terms & Conditions herein and/or the products and/or services rendered herein will be determined exclusively by means of arbitration in Manhattan, NYC, in front of a single arbitrator, in accordance to the regulations of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Should arbitration be conducted in the U.S. and in accordance with the AAA regulations that are in force on the day of submission of the request for arbitration (hereinafter the Regulations).

       A request for arbitration must be received up to one (1) year from the origin of the suit or claim.

       Should the parties disagree as to the identity of the arbitrator within 30 days following the above demand, an arbitrator will be appointed according to the Regulations.

       The arbitration process will be performed entirely in English.

       You may not accumulate claims or disputes of your own with claims and disputes of other people regarding arbitration on the Terms & Conditions herein. You hereby waive any right you have in filing a class action against Inc., its branches, and members, in respect to the Terms & Conditions herein.

       The arbitrator will implement the applicable law in accordance with article 20. Any decision by the arbitrator will be written and list the conclusions reached by the arbitrator on the facts and legal conclusions of the arbitrator.

       Arbitrage can be performed via the phone or videoconferencing, at the expense of

       The decision of the arbitrator will be finite and indisputable, yet subject to judicial critique of the NYC, U.S. courts. The U.S. Federal law will apply to any court procedure, as the case may be.

       The content of this article does not prevent the parties from seeking other temporary relief and/or taking other measures in any court prior to the commencement of the arbitration procedure, or during this procedure.

Waiver of a jury trial

You and Inc. hereby waive the right to hold a jury trial in all matters concerning a dispute on the Terms & Conditions herein, your orders, or any transaction between yourself and Inc.


This Privacy policy notwithstanding, Inc. reserves itself the right to revoke and terminate your permission to use the websites and/or to prevent your access to and use of the websites.

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Examples of detailed descriptions

Toys: kids toys / legos / video games
Clothing: t-shirts / baby cloths / shorts / pants
Housewares: bedding / blankets / towels
Supplements: vitamins / food additives
Mixed foods: candy / chips / chocolates
Shoes: sneakers / kids shoes / men’s shoes

Restricted Items
  • +What items can you not ship?

    While we are happy to ship nearly any item for you, we are sometimes bound to follow shipping companies' various limitations.
    To find out what items cannot be shipped to your country, please consult the website of the shipping company you wish to ship with.

    The following items are strictly forbidden from the air transportation

    - Guns, firearms, firearm replicas, firearm parts and ammunition
    - Explosive and incendiary materials
    - Batteries in equipment (more than two items in one package)
    - Loose batteries – prohibited to ship
    - Flammable Items
    - Aerosols
    - Perfumes and colognes (containing alcohol)
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - Fresh fruits and vegetables
    - Medications
    - Poison
    - Any organic material

    If a client attempts to send any of these items, USADDRESS reserves the right to immediately cancel their account.

    The following are examples only of what some countries may prohibit (local laws and regulations must be respected):

    - E Cigarettes & vapor refills
    - Antiques
    - Architectural models
    - Bulk goods (grain etc)
    - Cosmetics
    - Currency (notes, coins, credit cards and travellers cheques)
    - Drugs
    - Food
    - Gold and silver in any form
    - Dangerous goods (including hazardous, combustible or explosive materials)
    - High value, easy to trade computer appliances (such as RAM chips or SIMM’s and central processor units)
    - Plants or animals (live or dead)
    - Livestock
    - Material that could be submitted as pornographic or offensive
    - Sex gadgets
    - Negotiable bonds or other like ‘valuable papers’
    - Objects of art (paintings/sculptures etc) and fine arts
    - Political material
    - Precious metals, stones or jewellery
    - Other negotiable values

  • +Can you ship items that contain batteries?

    Due to batteries being regulated as HAZMAT (Hazardous Material), we are not allowed to ship more than 2 batteries in one parcel. Therefore, please make sure the online store you purchase from ships items that contain batteries in packs of 2 at the most. For example, no more than 2 cellular phones, 2 laptops etc. Any consolidation request that contains more than 2 batteries will be canceled, as well. Please note that due to these regulations USaddress no longer will be able to ship Lithium Batteries that are packed and shipped as individual items (loose/bulk) such as - Laptop batteries, Power banks, A cell phone with a replaceable Lithium Battery.

Terms & Conditions


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