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What our customers are saying?

Efficacious service, full tracking, fast delivery. Well done!

Erik T Ireland Ireland 5 Stars < 1/91 >

Thank you for the lovely service

Tami L United Kingdom United Kingdom 5 Stars < 2/91 >

The whole process was fast in any stage. Well done

Stanislav A Russia Russia 5 Stars < 3/91 >

Fun! Order product in reasoable price and get it fast and Efficiency include tracking! Not my first and definitely my last order!

Ada M Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 4/91 >

I will love to purchase from you again, Jay

Jay S India India 4 Stars < 5/91 >

Great service! why only 4 stars? because nobody's perfect :)

Ismail S Turkey Turkey 4 Stars < 6/91 >

It’s my second order and I'm satesfied

Max B Netherlands Netherlands 5 Stars < 7/91 >

Wow, fast shipment, you helped me to look at my best for the holidays

Emma G Spain Spain 5 Stars < 8/91 >

This is my third order from you guys, great deals every time.

Jerom F Belgium Belgium 5 Stars < 9/91 >

Really fast shipment, the package arrived to your warehouse at thursday afternoon and now, on monday I recived it already!

Lina X Greece Greece 5 Stars < 10/91 >

Excellent service, 5 stars!

Lea T France France 5 Stars < 11/91 >

Great service. Arrived after few days, I'm Very happy!

David G United Kingdom United Kingdom 5 Stars < 12/91 >

Excellent service, no problems at all

Barry R South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 13/91 >

Thank you for the delivery, You rock!

Adan N South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 14/91 >

Great service without any delays. Tnx!

Sophia A France France 5 Stars < 15/91 >

Excellent, fast and reliable

Gabriele B Italy Italy 5 Stars < 16/91 >

I'll definitely purchase again and reccomend to my friends!

Jason K Australia Australia 5 Stars < 17/91 >

Reliable and convenient service

Zoe K United Kingdom United Kingdom 5 Stars < 18/91 >

Fast shipment, Great service

Jason R South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 19/91 >

Fast shipment. Thank you

Dmitiry K Serbia Serbia 4 Stars < 20/91 >

Your shop amazon service is excelent!

Raananah D Kenya Kenya 5 Stars < 21/91 >

A+++++ Fast shipment

Jayden T Netherlands Netherlands 5 Stars < 22/91 >

Sweet, better than eBay

Kai S United Kingdom United Kingdom 5 Stars < 23/91 >

Very happy with your service

Carolina B Portugal Portugal 5 Stars < 24/91 >

A+ service for my 2nd delivery

Michele H Italy Italy 5 Stars < 25/91 >

I arrived through my friend and will stay as customer for a long time :)

Stefan C Switzerland Switzerland 5 Stars < 26/91 >


Leonardo N Italy Italy 5 Stars < 27/91 >

Fast, Easy. Good!

Adam G Spain Spain 4 Stars < 28/91 >

I purchased the shoes 8 days ago and I already wear them

Oliver Z Hungary Hungary 5 Stars < 29/91 >

I'm speechless!

Louise M France France 5 Stars < 30/91 >

Fast operation from the US to Spain

Nicolas D Spain Spain 4 Stars < 31/91 >

100% Thank you!

Sophie S Germany Germany 5 Stars < 32/91 >

Very good service, Thank you

Ryan D Ireland Ireland 5 Stars < 33/91 >

Easy payment process, Fast shipment. Thanks!

John M United Kingdom United Kingdom 5 Stars < 34/91 >

Fast service

Manato N Japan Japan 5 Stars < 35/91 >

incredible service, professional customer service

Ines V France France 5 Stars < 36/91 >

From the package arrivale to your warehouse in US it tooks only 5 days to arrive to my home

Stojan E Bulgaria Bulgaria 5 Stars < 37/91 >

Profesional service, Thanks you

Jerry F Australia Australia 5 Stars < 38/91 >

Fast and Reliable Delivery. Good Communication.

Victor O Spain Spain 5 Stars < 39/91 >


Jacob D Germany Germany 5 Stars < 40/91 >

5 stars service!

Benjamin G Ireland Ireland 5 Stars < 41/91 >

The currier needs to improve, you are ok

Milena M Poland Poland 4 Stars < 42/91 >

Great to have you around!

Lacey B United Kingdom United Kingdom 5 Stars < 43/91 >

I'm very satesfied

Johanna L Germany Germany 5 Stars < 44/91 >

Excellent! Thank you!

Kamile B Lithuania Lithuania 5 Stars < 45/91 >

Well done for the fast delivery

Aaron R Netherlands Netherlands 4 Stars < 46/91 >

Very pleased with my phone and service.

Maximilian R Germany Germany 5 Stars < 47/91 >

Perfect! the package arrived after 5 days!

Jakob C Austria Austria 5 Stars < 48/91 >

Reasonable shipping price, very fast shipment, Thnaks.

Mila B Belgium Belgium 5 Stars < 49/91 >

I received my package, thank you very much, I did really appreciate to have received it safely.

Stephen G Qatar Qatar 5 Stars < 50/91 >

Pakage has been delivered in good condition I thank you for your services

Malick J Gambia Gambia 5 Stars < 51/91 >

Thanks - the item was delivered exactly at the time specified and in perfect condition. Will definitely be happy to use your service again.

Revere T South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 52/91 >

Sure got my parcel. Very happy with your service. Will do more business with you guys many more times! Thanks!

Hassan A Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of 5 Stars < 53/91 >

Good service & great shipping time. Item received in good condition.

Chungjoe C Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 54/91 >

Thank you for your services the package has been delivered in good condition

Malick J Gambia Gambia 5 Stars < 55/91 >

Thank You my package was delivered , thanks for such speedy service and ease of use. Not once did I feel left out of the process and your tracking info was perfect Thank you

Schalk P South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 56/91 >

Very efficient service and prompt delivery.....excellent work.

Zeeshan H Kenya Kenya 5 Stars < 57/91 >

I just recently created my usaddress for an item that they would not ship to South Africa. From when you received it till it was in SA. took a measly 4days. What can I say. THANK YOU! Fantastic service. I will definitly use your services a lot in future.

Stephan V South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 58/91 >

Thank you. Impressively prompt & all in order.

Charline S South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 59/91 >

I was very glad when I received my package. Thumb up to USaddress.com. I will use this service again and again and will tell my pals and family members about it. Keep up the good work, USaddress.com.

Christian O Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 60/91 >

hi USaddress, am happy to have received my package earlier today, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it and it gives me more confidence with you as am rest assured i'l receive my package within no time and safe, Cheers

Stephen G Qatar Qatar 5 Stars < 61/91 >

Thank you for the very efficient fast and excellent service I received from you guys. I used the consolidation service for the first time and it was great. from shipping in the US to in my hand in South Africa took only 5 days. Regards

Stephan V T South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 62/91 >

wow, just wow, i received my package in just 7 days, at my doorstep. You guys just made my online shopping experience so easier, and from now on we are business partners. Thank you very much, the package was clean and free from defects.

Shawn B Botswana Botswana 5 Stars < 63/91 >

I can not remember when the last time was that I was 100% satisfied, all was excellent!! Thank you!!!

Friedel F South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 64/91 >

The shipment arrived just in time at my gate straight from The US am so happy. Your customer care staffs are so understanding to help me keep the package even after the stipulated days it should stay in your warehouse waiting for payment. Thanks a lot

Olayinka N Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 65/91 >

I received Package No.:****** about 2hrs ago. All items were in excellent condition and well packaged (consolidation is great!). Also, I am delighted at the speed of delivery to Nigeria. Thank you!!

Robert R Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 66/91 >

Please it has been a wonderful and fast shipment. I think this has open up a good business relationship for us. Thanks for your support and understanding till will start another round of business again very soon.

Ihenyen W Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 67/91 >

It was a wonderful experience to deal with, I am receiving all my items in a very good conditions. Packaging, scheduling, consolidation, tracking is of five a star service. Keep that way. Certainly I will suggest my friends.

Ilidio Marcos T Mozambique Mozambique 5 Stars < 68/91 >

My order was delivered really fast. Thanks USaddress team you work impressively!

Nyaradzo C Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 5 Stars < 69/91 >

Thank you for the excellent services..I give you 5 stars..!

Analise F Angola Angola 5 Stars < 70/91 >

Hi USAddress, I cant commend your services enough. Thank you for one more pleasurable transaction. My package was delivered in a time record, and to my satisfaction. Keep up the great service.

Stelio S Mozambique Mozambique 5 Stars < 71/91 >

Am tremendously happy with the service. Fast shippers keep it Up

Okolo O Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 72/91 >

Thank you so much for the good service. I got my package before the given date. Wonderful.

Kanmi A Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 73/91 >

You are providing an awesome servicers, and I will like to say more power to your elbow.

Ibraheem Y Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 74/91 >

wow you folks are great super fast delivery thanks. am ordering soon

Caleb S Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 75/91 >

Just got home found my order,perfect condition! im very happy fast low price shipping and full tracking "" thank you will buy again soon

Koziba C Botswana Botswana 5 Stars < 76/91 >

I love you guys, my business running smoothly, been ignoring that PayPal email so many times, until the day I actually gave it a chance, I call it blessings on blessings as I been struggling to ship items to Botswana, thank you very guys.

Shawn Tebatso B Botswana Botswana 5 Stars < 77/91 >

Shipment well received yesterday. Great work thank you so much for your exclusive services. Really satisfied

Augusto C Italy Italy 5 Stars < 78/91 >

Awesome service.. my second package and i cant complain!! excellent service fast shipping.. Keep it up. product in good condition too very happy!

Koziba C Botswana Botswana 5 Stars < 79/91 >

Best service ever!!! Fast shipment, great price and DHL is much better then TNT. Thank you so much!

David H South Africa South Africa 5 Stars < 80/91 >

Dear Usaddress team, I have been shipping through other parcel forwarder before. It's the first time I'm using Usaddress.com and I'm satisfied. I got my package really quick and the customer service is awesome. It's my first package and definitely not my last one.

Muhsina R Mauritius Mauritius 5 Stars < 81/91 >

You guys are amazing, I really appreciate your service. Thank you very much for shipping my Dji Phantom 3 professional in record time. I will definitely buy from you again and convince more of my friends to do same.

Wilfred E Nigeria Nigeria 5 Stars < 82/91 >

I am so grateful and thankful for all the effort, once again USadress gave me confidence to count on their services, many thanks to all you Guys at USadress you just don't know how much you made my day. Keep up the good work and good customer service and will keep doing business.

Francisco P Angola Angola 5 Stars < 83/91 >

Happy new year US ADDRESS You been the best company since my first order! you made my inline shopping life bery simple and easy.. Thank you! see you through this year of 2016 all the best!! #loveFromBotswana #africa #happyCustomer

Koziba C Botswana Botswana 5 Stars < 84/91 >

I have enjoyed the service USaddress gave me it was Tremendous. I found myself a Business partner. thanks

Obakeng S Botswana Botswana 5 Stars < 85/91 >

I got the package and everything is perfect. This is the first time that I deal with you and I'm happy with this experience Also I will share my story in the social network as a recommendation to deal with you. Thank you.

Salman A Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 5 Stars < 86/91 >

Hi there; I already received my package much earlier than expecting and I am so satisfied with overall experience with your service. Thank you very much. I will definitely use it again.

Xi Z United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 5 Stars < 87/91 >

Wonderful experience. Very reasonable rates and good service. I had a very bad experience shipping through borderlinx previously. if I compare them both the usaddress.com is much better way of having shipped your purchased to your location. Keep doing the good work usaddress.com.

Imtiaz H Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 5 Stars < 88/91 >

Thank you so much Of the best companies that deal with it Reliability, speed, good handling I wish you success and progress Greetings, Ahmed

Ahmad A Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 5 Stars < 89/91 >

Service is excellent, my package was delivered real fast, in good shape , to tell you the truth I didn't expect that. Thank you very much

Alaa H Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 5 Stars < 90/91 >

Hello, I received my package I want to thank the usaddress team for the nice job. You guys are awesome I don't think there another better way to buy and ship from the US without you guys. Thanks again.

Rene J Cameroon Cameroon 5 Stars < 91/91 >
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